Would Hoover Dam have been built today?

Watched a documentary on the construction of the Hoover Dam – the deaths that occurred due to heat, carbon monoxide poisoning etc were incredible. Would such a project happen today? Even with all the better technology, there’d still be high injury risks that would require GW Bush to pass legislation like Hoover did banning unions totally.

Ok – so maybe it could happen nowadays.

The statistic that impressed me the most – had they poured the concrete for the dam wall in one large pour, it would have taken 125 years for it to cool down. I’m impressed by stuff like that.


  1. Iraq is like Hoover Dam.

    ‘cept it is spelt Damn!

    and sed with a Texan Redneck accent.

    I bet you know a redneck website.

    Gaworn! (Aussie slang for Go on!)

  2. And, another thing.

    Why did they name a dam after a vacumn cleaner?

    beats the heck outa me.

    Those crazy americans.

  3. A better question would be, why did we name a *president* after a vacuum cleaner. ???

  4. they’re being built right now in china and india, cept bigger and badder

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