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Neil Young, Iraq and the Journalistic Process

If you haven’t heard already, Neil Young recorded an album in a week called Living with War. It’s an anti-war in Iraq album and you can listen to it all from the website’s front page.

If you’ve ever wondered how an interview with someone like Neil can be cut to ribbons in the editing process, check out the transcript of the original Q&A session Rolling Stone did with Neil versus the finished product

The Stadium Band that still should be

Remember the Hothouse Flowers? I loved them in the late 80’s and the 90’s. I found out they were touring so bought tickets and ordered their 2004 CD online – the CD is excellent. But not as good as their live show.

There were 100 people maximum at the gig. I felt a little on edge, thinking ‘how are they going to respond to an audience so small?’. Well, they responded with class, passion and skill.I find it isn’t that often that you see a band live that not only recreates the magic of a favorite, but actually betters it. And the Hothouse Flowers did exactly that – to 100 people in a provincial city. If that isn’t true musicianship then I don’t know what is.

Honourable mention to The Live Room as the support act – I bought their album and it’s a worthy creation to say the least.

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