The Watch – virtual worlds in the news

1. Sydney Morning Herald – Watch and learn. “Buoyed by the popularity of Second Life and the site’s incentives for the not-for-profit sector, conventional educational institutions are building in-world campuses to enhance their on-campus teaching”.

2. Turkish Daily News – Turkish companies will rise on Second Life in 2008. “Turkish companies begin to show interest in the Internet portal Second Life, where international giants like IBM, Microsoft, Adidas, Sony and Intel are prevalent. Vestel took the first step into the world of Second Life and was followed by Remax, Rixos, Garanti Emeklilik and Tefken”.

3. – NASA Dreams of an Interplanetary ‘Second Life’ for Mars Crew. “When NASA begins launching astronaut teams on 800-day missions to Mars, one of the greatest survival tests these explorers will face is the inevitable alienation they’ll experience with their remoteness from Earth and the harshness of the frozen Red Planet”.

4. The Daily Mail – A world strip of humanity – inside the virtual reality websites where you can live out your wildest (and darkest) fantasies. “The great joy of childhood is unfettered imagination – it is the best toy in the world. And then we grow up. The real world intrudes with all its limitations and barriers. We get on with life, accept our mostly humdrum, routine existence and make the best of it. But what’s this? Tens of millions of people in this country and around the world appear to have reverted to childhood. They spend extraordinary amounts of their time inhabiting an imaginary world.”

5. The Guardian – How Tim Schafer aims to rock the virtual world. “It’s been almost a year and a half since Technology Guardian spoke to Tim Schafer about his then-untitled upcoming game at DoubleFine Productions. Only recently has he revealed it to gamers, after a lengthy (and silent) development cycle. The result is typically Schaferesque – eccentric, hilarious, and deeply rooted in nostalgia”.

6. Slashdot – Scientist Suggests We Explore ‘Universe is a VR Simulation’ Theory. “A New Zealand physicist has written a paper saying that physicists should seriously explore the possibility the universe is a giant virtual reality simulation”.

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