Burning Life 2008

In it’s 6th year, Burning Life is the Second Life event complementary to the real-life Burning Man Project that wrapped up on the 5th September. It’s one of the best opportunities to view the enormous variety that Second Life engenders, so do spend some in-world time checking it out.

All the details are on the Linden blog and the Burning Life subsite. We’d love to promote any Australian events at Burning Life as well.


  1. Daniel Voyager says:

    6th year running without a Burning Life TSL event, :(.

  2. I must say the burning life grid is looking fantastic this year… Better constructions, and for some reason the general quality level seems to have improved.. I haven't noticed as many houses and rediculous builds on the playa. Also there is no infighting going on between the staff which is a welcome relief! Got really immature last year.

    Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to secure a plot so our regular 24/7 electronic music events aren't happening this time around. We had a ball last year!

    Daniel Voyager I have no idea what 'TSL' is.. Anybody else in the know ?

    See some of you there for the burn!

  3. TSL = Teen Second Life

  4. TSL = Teen Second Life

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