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auntie-build-challenge For anyone looking for something fun to do on Sunday night, try ABC Island in Second Life.

The next ‘Aunties Building Challenge’ is being held, starting 8.30 pm AET (3.30 am SL time). It’s a great way for newer Second Life residents to learn the ropes of content creation while more experienced people can enjoy the overall challenge.

2. Timothy Burke at Terra Nova has an interesting piece on how there’s more to virtual worlds than Second Life and World of Warcraft. Who’d have thought?

3. Eyefliez will be hosting “A Midsummer’s Eve Relay For Life Benefit” to promote cancer awareness, with all proceeds going to Relay for Life:

– Two stages, all day long – Live Musicians, DJs and Live Acts including:
—- Tone Uriza
—- Lexie Luan
—- Bones WriterX
—- Squidfisher McMillan … and many more!

– Freebies from local stores
– Treasure Hunt

Did you know that if you counted 10 people around you, one of them will die of cancer? Note that says WILL, not ‘could’. There is no cure, YET! Prevention and awareness saves lives! All money donated to RFL goes directly to international programs, research, and helping those who can’t afford treatments.


  1. I hope this building challenge allows for players that aren't new to SL, but that don't log in often. Because of my bandwidth limitation I don't often log into SL — yet I was refused an (unrelated) competition entry based on my date of registration. If only there were another way to check one's level of 'newbie'-ness!

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