Virtual Africa

Many years ago a group of musicians got together and in the name of social justice, put on a world-wide concert called Live Aid. It was aimed at alleviating famine in Ethiopia.

Sadly, little has changed on the continent of Africa when it comes to the tribulations that befall it. There’s a very real attempt to create an SL presence that has as one of its primary goals, the linking between a South African based social justice organsiation and the virtual world.


Uthango Social Investments has created an offshoot blog site called Africa’s 2nd Life, our Virtual Reality, which is the information and news centre for Virtual Africa.

A look at the Uthango website shows this endeavour is aimed at developing projects that “are dynamic and innovative and focus on bridging the digital divide, micro-enterprise development, intercultural dialogue, crime prevention, community mental health and most importantly, infrastructure development.”

The SL Africa is a work in progress and it will be revealing to see how it can be used to help develop solutions to the problems and challenges being faced by the many countries that make up that continent.

Relay For Life commences

The SL Relay for Life is in its third year, and this weekend is the culmination of months of work and promotion.


Spread across four sims, the course has some great sights, music on tap and a bunch of entertainment and commemorative events scheduled (SL Insider has the full schedule listed). There are different themed areas such as Pinocchio and Tomb Raider to walk through in addition to chatting with other participants.


Like the Australian Relay For Life, groups have set up camping areas and the whole thing has that similar community spirit. You can even enjoy the sight of yor hair disappearing as you cross sims on the walk.


Do yourself a favour and do at least one virtual lap and donate some money for cancer support and research. Check it out in-world.

Garden for the Missing

The Garden for the Missing is a simple but powerful presence on the mainland Remora sim. Motivated by the tragic end of a missing persons case in her neighbourhood, owner Ronnie Rhode set up her presence. She states she’s been passionate about the missing persons issue since 2002 but only recently joined Second Life.


The pictures of missing persons are sourced from a range of US-based organisations including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, BeyondMissing and Project Jason. Ronnie is hoping to move to a larger location and has a donation wishing well to help her achieve that aim. While we were there another SL resident was donating assorted flowers etc to help decorate the area.


As Ronnie herself said when we had a brief chat, the more people that see the faces of the missing the more likely they are to be found. It doesn’t get much more worthwhile than that.


Thanks to Aussie SL’er Rails Bailey for suggesting the story.

Check it out in-world

Free conference space available

If you’re an educational institution, non-government organisation or charity, we’re pleased to make available SLOz HQ for free. Think of it like the local CWA or Town Hall.

There are three main areas available for small conferences, meetings or social gatherings:

1. Main conference room: this will comfortably seat 40 people and another ten or so standing – which given that SLOz HQ is on a mainland sim is about the limit anyway. There’s a video screen and lectern as well.


2. Meeting room / offices: there are two offices and a meeting room for smaller meetings.


3.Social area: This is a regularly used area – lots of open space.


There’s also an outdoor BBQ area if needed.

To use the facilities just IM Lowell Cremorne in-world or contact us. For-profit entities are also welcome to utilise the facilities at a cost of $2000L per full day.

Maddie McCann campaign makes SL appearance

UK newspaper, The Liverpool Echo has created a poster originally designed for dissemination via email. Whilst wandering around the Stanlee sim which hosts the Liverpool replica, I noticed Maddie McCann had entered Second Life:


Imagine the power of a SL-based missing persons viewing area.

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