‘Ain’t the internet funny’ anecdote #199229983374

Most people have either experienced or heard about the huge family fight at a dinner table. Usually at some occasion like Christmas (or Thanksgiving to include my enormous USA following). It can be one of the most embarrassing, traumatic or even funny events to be experienced. And I doubt many people find it funny.

Well, it don’t get any funnier when it happens on the internet. You are still witnessing people you at least feel you know taking large dumps in the middle of the Christmas spread and then dancing around in it. And I think because it’s the internet people dance in it longer and even pick it up and throw it round the room.


  1. How cryptic.

  2. He’s talking about you, Graham positive.

    I find it funny. I’ve watched a few times on the net people who were “tag teamers” suddenly implode and go to attacking each other.

  3. Graham wishes it was about him!

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