Rock is indeed timeless

I don’t often get inspired by TV, but tonight I saw something that proves rock and roll is indeed timeless.

The Young at Heart Chorus was formed initially to combat boredom at a low-income meal facility. What it has become is best described by the site.

This is something that should happen everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. If you can’t be bothered going to the site, at least listen to their work:

Stayin’ Alive


  1. It would be great if they had geriatric break dancers in the video release.

  2. Beatiful.

    Their versions of Once in a Lifetime, Whip It and Stairway to Heaven rawkz.

    A memorable quote from their web site:
    I’ve always been asked about the significance of this work with old people. To explain what it is,I first have to make clear what it isn’t. The Chorus was never intended to be a social service to aid the elderly. Instead, it’s all about making interesting art. The Chorus gives a fresh look to Rock and Roll. Chorus members have discovered that there is something interesting about the music they begged their kids to turn off. For those of us who were brought up with the music, it’s amazing how much it becomes transformed when it’s sung by older people.


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