The future has arrived

Being 2006 here already, I always have a head start on knowing what new things develop in 2006. My dear friends, the same ones who are the rabid fans of this blog, roll their eyes when I talk about how there are now flying cars (which is what I said a year ago when 2005 rolled around) or how there are now cyborg slaves to be had.

I’m getting a bit tired of the cynical responses to my assertions. How the hell do you know we don’t have cyborg slaves down here?? If you had seen our Attorney General’s picture you might be less sceptical. So here’s a picture to put the issue to rest:

Maybe now you’ll treat me with a little more respect 😡


  1. “cynical responses to my assertions”

    Yeah? You go get em girlfriend!!!!

  2. You should have added :

    “resistance is futile”

    I would have! Or , have a cartoon bubble comin outa his mouth saying that. Comic life can do that.

  3. I love you, Graham!

  4. OK, I believe you now about the cyborgs.

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