ABC Island – Call for input from science buffs

ABC’s Abi Goldflake has put out a call seeking input from the Australian SL community. The details in Abi’s own words:

“One of the things we’d like to do on our ABC Island is present some of the ABC’s range of science content in an interesting and engaging way that works within the SL environment. I’ve seen quite a few great science areas within SL (Troy McLuhan at the Science Center has a very comprehensive list). Many of these seem to display scientific objects accompanied by notecards and some let you actually experience scientific experiments or phenomena (such as NOAA Virtual Island with tsunami and hurricanes).

What we’d like to do is present some of the ABC Science Online content in a 3D interactive way as a scientific quest. For example, there’s a great feature on primitive parts of the brain at– how would you present those ideas as a scientific quest in SL?

I’d like to set a challenge to the ABC Friends group, or any readers of SLOz with your collective expertise and ideas: can you come up with an interactive science quest based on a piece of content from using gadgets which avatars could pick up and interact with. Also clues and information presented physically so that at the end of the quest, the player has learnt something – essentially a virtual experiment?

Please IM me directly inworld if you want more info or email me at digcitizen at yahoo dot com dot au – interested both in ideas and people who could build the gadgets/clues.”

You can also respond to Abi on the related SLOz Discussion Forum thread


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