More Australian Clothing

Wolfie Rankin, owner of the Kookaburra pub on the Eragon island, has launched a range of t-shirts.

In Wolfie’s own words:

“I did some Rocky Horror ones, and may do more if people request the other characters.

‘Strewth Mate’ was one of my first, and most popular – a black shirt with text based on the 80s “Choose Life”
shirts was the inspiration there.

‘Dead Dingos…’ is a phrase that even the Americans understand and find funny, so I released that one on a shirt also.

There’s a few funny SL based ones also, such as ‘Object: Hello, Avatar’ which all the scripters would recognise.

I also have ‘The sit ball made me do it’ which is based on the old one about the devil.

Rather too often, Newbies would leave plain cubes around the sim, and that’s where I devised the term ‘Noob Cube’. The concept looked like a good idea for a shirt, and has a nice branded feel about it, currently there are three versions, but there will be more later.

While having something to eat, I had this idea about Linden Labs, and thought that changing the B to a D might work, it sounds like a gang, or some special
police division.

That’s about it.


Graham Sabre covered a footy jumper shop yesterday and it’s becoming apparent that the Australian identity is well and truly being established in a ‘fashion’ sense.

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