Aussie population update – coming up on 5000

Meta Linden has provided an update on SL metrics. Australia is steady on 1.48% of the overall SL population:

1. As at 31st January there were 2,615,199 unique residents.
2. Ten percent of that is 261,519.
3. 1.48% of THAT is 3870.

So there’s certainly been growth and the March figures should be interesting as they’ll reflect the surge in registrations via the BigPond presence. Our estimate at present is that there’s around 5000 active Australian users now.


  1. […] As we stated last month, we expected the Telstra and ABC launches to have increased the aussie population significantly and that’s indeed occurred with a jump from 1.48% to 2.43%. The figure of 7721 is probably a little optimistic but the trend for Australians in SL is certainly one of growth. Our prediction for next month is continued growth but at a reduced rate as the BigPond influx gets well past its peak. […]

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