The Cavern Club opens

Last night the Liverpool sim launched with an opening gig at the SL Cavern Club. The real-life Cavern Club is a renowned music venue most well known for its relationship with The Beatles. The launch involved a live gig by rock group ‘What The…?’ and a full sim resulted.

“I heard ‘What The…?’ and recognised their Beatlesque sound and asked them to open, also the leader of the band helped me set up the stream”, explained sim owner Deroiste Quijote

Quijote built the sim to recreate the Cavern club in it’s original place and form. “The modern day one is a hundred metres further up and as I play in Mathew Street myself in a band I am always getting asked where the original club was….Well here it was!!”.


“The Beatles played here 292 times and someone thought it would be a good idea to knock it down. I have been building this sim “LIVERPOOL 2008″ since October in various locations,” Quijote said.


There are plans on expanding to an island location in the future.

Check out the Cavern Club in-world

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