Aussie population update – stable at 10K

Meta Linden has again given an update on SL metrics. This month there’s been a number of changes including the addition of a “Countries By Active” category which takes a little more of the guesswork out of estimating the Australian SL community.

Because the measures have changed since last monthit’s difficult to provide a trend. Australia has maintained it’s ranking at 11th in the world but the percentage of the overall population has ‘dropped’ to 1.93% under the new measure. This translates to 9779 active users – active is defined as being logged in for more than one hour during the reporting period. This is a fairly generous definition of active – the numbers of users logged in more than once per week would obviously be much lower again.

Major credit to Linden Lab for their transparency on the figures and it certainly quashes some of the wild claims we’ve heard over the past couple of months about there being closer to 20 thousand active aussies in SL. Last month we claimed an active Australian population coming up on ten thousand and that’s been born out by the Linden figures. The rapid growth has continued to slow and we don’t believe there’ll be any significant change in the coming month, just slow but steady growth.


  1. […] As we stated last month, the definition of active is fairly generous but growth does indeed continue. The rate of growth has slowed in recent months however it’ll be interesting to see the impact of the 60 Minutes / Australian Women’s Weekly coverage on registrations. […]

  2. […] and their presences in Second Life. – Australia’s active Second Life population was stable at ten thousand. – our inaugural traffic index of Australian activities in Second Life was published. – we profiled […]

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