US Presidential hopefuls in Second Life

With less than 18-months until the next US Presidential election, the number of presidential candidate presences has grown steadily. In real-life the USA has a significant influence on the world, including Australia, so we’ll follow the campaign as it hots up in SL. Here’s what’s happening so far:


Republican Ron Paul is one of the lesser known candidates:


The Republican Party of SL gives you the opportunity to vote for your preferred Republican candidate:



Edwards Campaign Central is the area devoted to Democrat John Edwards’ tilt:


Hillary Clinton 2008 is one of the glitzier presences:


Grassroots Barack Obama HQ is quite corporate with plenty of Obama photos and Obama TV.


Mike Gravel 2008 Headquarters has extensive information on his policy positions and is a large presence to boot (perhaps inversely proportional to his level of real-life support):


Related presences

Finally, there’s the Presidential Flag store which has flags and t-shirts from all the known candidates as well as a sales leaderboard:



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