Aussie population update – a dozen thousand

Meta Linden has once again given an update on SL metrics.

Linden state there’s now 12,910 active aussie users, meaning that Australia has moved from 11th to 10th place in the world with 2.61% of the active SL population.

As we stated last month, the definition of active is fairly generous but growth does indeed continue. The rate of growth has slowed in recent months however it’ll be interesting to see the impact of the 60 Minutes / Australian Women’s Weekly coverage on registrations.


  1. […] Since the release of the June metrics, there’s been a general consensus that a peak has been reached. The only conjecture is when growth is likely to increase again. Or if it will at all. The northern hemisphere commentators are calling it summer doldrums but not ruling out a deeper change. […]

  2. […] active Australian population is cited as 14,832, up from the 12,910 reported last month. Australia is back to 11th place […]

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