Openlife – Second Life’s open source competitor

Openlife is the first fourth alternative Second Life grid to open up for widespread access.

It’s still a work in progress but one that’s well worth exploring, something I’ll be doing in coming days and weeks. 


Openlife’s creator, Sakai Openlife, is based in Australia and we’ve made contact with him for an interview – stay tuned for further details.

Thanks to Tateru Nino at Massively and SL Universe for the heads-up. 

Update: A further thanks to Tateru Nino for pointing out that Openlife is actually the fourth alternative grid – there’s also Central Grid, OS Grid and Deep Grid.


  1. Rosa Dagostino says

    I tried Openlife…. Sakai is inconsistant, he provides virtually no support at all to his customers, he treats his customers (the ppl actually helping to keep his grid online) like dirt. There are more bugs in openlife than there is in a very neglected rose garden & if you try to report them in his forum… he stops you from posting there. I decided to leave, bugs i can live with, if they are fixed or an attempt to fix is made, but No reply to emails, no reply to support tickets, No customer service whatsoever…. that i will never put up in any grid… ya want my money… ya treat me well

  2. Same happened to me. left 4 months ago!

  3. Same happened to me. left 4 months ago!


  1. […] As we reported earlier this week, Openlife is a promising new alternative grid to Second Life. Its founder, Sakai Openlife (RL: Steve Sima) is based in Brisbane and we caught up with him via Openlife’s Live Chat for a discussion on everything Openlife. […]

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