ABC in Second Life anniversary event on Wednesday night

ABC Island has a range of events slated to celebrate its first anniversary, which are being held Wednesday evening Australian time:


I also received the following notice from ABC admin Juko Tempel:

“Following the Anniversary Party events on Wednesday night, interested ABC Friends, Admin group members and ABC Staff are invited to a discussion forum at 8:30pm AEDT Thursday 20 March, at the Amphitheatre on ABC Island.

The agenda for the meeting has one point: To raise and explore ideas for the future of ABC Island and collate those ideas to be presented to the ABC management. ”

If the comments to date on our original anniversary story are anything to go by, there seems to be some motivation to debate the future evolution of the ABC presence. So if you want some entertainment, the opportunity to have your say, or both, then check it out in-world


  1. Juko Tempel says

    Happy Anniversary ABC Island! Let’s party!!

    If you are interested in what the ABC is doing in Second Life, please come along to these and other such events!

    Please allow me to clarify that I am not conducting the Forum. The Notices were sent to ABC Friends group and ABC Admin group on behalf of concerned Friends. Full details of the meeting are included in a notecard attached to the Notice. Please ask me or other ABC Friends group members if you would like a copy.

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