SBS: enter the machinima

The island touted for SBS may have been shelved, but they are still steaming ahead with their work within Second Life.

A blog has launched on the SBS site with the focus being on helping people to make their own machinima. Documentary-maker Shelley Matulick (SL: Mixin Pixel) is behind the blog and will provide weekly tips.

It’s certainly a hands-on approach for SBS and if the blog delivers on what it’s promising, it’ll be a useful Australian resource on machinima.


  1. I can’t leave a comment on their blog because it keeps producing an error. Trust the public service to fubar blogging software =).

  2. Wolfie Rankin says

    Heh, Well I’ll tell Shelly then.

    Shelly is also the woman who made the SBS Podlove documentary about the couple who have a club in SL, who were later seen on 60 Minutes.

    She’s also the driving force behind the upcoming doco about subcultures inside SL
    which should be on telly sometime late late this year.

    She’s also a “Top Sheila” 😉



  1. […] documentary by December Films for SBS. Shelley Matulick is the driving force behind the project and we’ve covered her blog previously as it provides some great tips on making your own […]

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