Jobs board redux

Last month we introduced our jobs board. Since then we’ve had feedback that it was too USA-centric so we’ve switched to another provider.

The best news about this is that posting jobs is free at this stage. We may introduce a small fee in the future but at this stage the most important thing is getting a central place where virtual worlds jobs can be advertised.

To post a job:

1. Click on the ‘Job Board’ link at the top right of this site.
2. Click on ‘Post a Job’
3. Enter all the required details – you can even add your organisation’s logo if you want.
4. Click on ‘Checkout’ – because I’ve set it up as a free service at this stage, your ad will automatically appear for nothing after being cleared.

Any job related to virtual worlds is welcome – whether it be an in-world bartender or consulting project to government, feel free to advertise it.

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