Video of SL5B opening speech

Linden Lab have released a video of Board Chairman Philip Rosedale’s and CEO Mark Kingdon’s opening remarks for Second Life’s 5th anniversary celebrations.

Rosedale’s comments were fairly perfunctory and appeared to be off the cuff though he did give some interesting insights into the first few weeks and months of Second Life’s public existence in 2003. His comment that what Second Life was doing culturally was “outside the bounds of possibility” was a little overblown but the general point on the diffuculty of trying to capture Second Life’s culture in one event is certainly valid. One of the more fascinating comments was that Linden Lab are ‘keeping the lights on here’ – I wasn’t sure if we were meant to feel grateful or whether it was considered a major feat to have kept things running (which to some extent it is).

CEO Kingdon’s comments were a little more formal and largely a rehash of Rosedale’s effort both in content and delivery. Have a look for yourself and let us know what YOU think.


  1. I can’t escape the feeling that Philip has hired the one person Second Life didn’t need – himself.

    They sound like best friends, popped from the same pod – but didn’t we need fresh ideas and not more management perpetually trapped in Casual Friday?

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