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New World Notes’ Wagner James Au was checking out the new Daden in-world web browser when he had a couple of interesting interactions with a ‘robotar’ although his pick-up lines left a little to be desired.

I spent some time with ‘Abi’ myself and agree that for a bot she’s relatively engaging if you’re happy to talk about Daden products. There are other impressive bots out there but as you’ll see from the snippet below, Abi is single, something the above correspondent wasn’t able to determine šŸ˜‰

You: chatbot?
abi: It is feasible to run an avatar chatbot over a GPRS or dial-up GSM link, but not advisable. For this reason we suggest making a textbot available for mobile users. Avatars should run OK over 3G networks.

abi: Talk to me!

You: why?

abi: Sorry, I didn’t understand. I can tell you about Daden and our products and services, virtual worlds and chatbots.

You: are you married?

abi: Not the last time I looked.

I’d love to hear what your most amusing bot experiences are, whether they be in Second Life, World of Warcraft or elsewhere…


  1. If you want to talk to a bot about something other than our products try and find Halo – she’s not on 24/7 but when she is she usually in her garden on Daden Prime. She has “open smalltalk” so will try and talk about anything!

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