Linden Lab CEO: my first two months

Linden Lab’s CEO, Mark Kingdon , has detailed his perceptions of his first two months at the helm on the official Linden Lab blog.

He makes five key points:

1. Second Life users are more mainstream than many assume.

2. The diversity of use cases in Second Life is mind-boggling.

3. Second Life has an enviable business model.

4. Second Life’s killer apps are just beginning to evolve.

5. Second Life is leading the industry toward interoperability.

It’s an lengthy read but my overall impression is it was similar to a pitch a CEO might make for a second or third round of venture capital funding.

What do you think? Do you see a new CEO with a vision for Second Life’s future or someone pitching for more time to pull things together?

“Hey. we’ve done some brilliant stuff here and the best is yet to come” is the overall message. The excitement shown toward Second Life as a meeting application is insular to say the least – some of the upcoming mirror worlds are likely to gain significant traction in this space as they demonstrate superior interfaces, easier setup and better performance.

A promise is made on a separate announcement on usability – to me this remains the number one challenge for a virtual world ground-breaker at risk of being run over by the convoy of tractors coming up behind with some tempting crops to plant.


  1. Renee Faulds says

    Check out Liana Linden rigging the top Linden Lab award, The Jesse Malthus Award for Best Community Influence by adding her two personal nominations a full month after nominations were closed. BTW – she is one of the judges !

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