Reminder: $5000L on offer for forum sign-up competition

A couple of weeks back we relaunched our forums and there’s been a number of people sign up and start contributing. For any forum’s success there needs to be a critical mass of participants and there’s certainly not that yet.

To help get things kick-started we have a competition running. Any person who signs up on the forums between now and the end of August goes into the draw to win 5000 Linden Dollars. It’s not a huge prize but if you’re looking for a virtual worlds community to be part of anyway, it’s certainly a nice little incentive. If you’re not a Second Life user you can easily cash the Linden Dollars out for US dollars (we’ll explain how).

So jump in and register and join the community.


  1. Anak Malaysia says

    This is a good for invite people to come and join this world
    and i think this is good way for all user bring your idea like this in Virtual world.

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