More stick for ad farms in Second Life

Jack Linden has provided further clarification on Linden Labs policy on excessive advertising on Mainland sims in Second Life. There’s quite a bit of detail and it all has the ring of council zoning laws.

Here’s a taste:

Adverts should be grounded to the terrain, not floating.
Adverts should extend no higher than 8m from the ground.
No rotating, no flashing content and no particles.
No unsolicited dispensing of IMs, notecards, landmarks or content.
No light sources or glow (full bright is acceptable however).
Advertising hoardings should be Phantom.
Adverts must be clearly PG in nature.
No sound and no temp-on-rez content.
Ban lines should be switched off.

It may sound bureaucratic but it’s a necessary evil that’s unlikely to draw too much criticism from most Mainland residents. What are your thoughts – are these controls necessary or a creativity stifling development?

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