Linden Lab CEO: hey I’m in London!

On the rarely updated Linden Lab blog, CEO Mark Kingdon has posted that he’s arrived in London for the Virtual Worlds London shindig.

The response on the blog from Second Life residents has been… lukewarm to say the least. I’m sure VW London’s organisers would have liked the announcement from Mr Kingdon more than 12 hours before he’s due to speak on “many of the initiatives I’ve spoken about in this space including our focus on improving overall stability, further tailoring the platform for our core audiences and enhancing the first hour experience for new Residents.”

Some predictions on the speech itself: it will cover the promise of virtual worlds, the improvements in usability to date, some veiled references to future developments and the announcement of SL servers on all continents by the end of 2008. Ok scratch that last one – do we really need SL servers in Antarctica?

Disclosure: we’re a media partner for Virtual Worlds London.

Update: a summary of the keynote can be found here.

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