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visionquest Starting on the 20th June, the Virtual Worlds Story Project is running Vision Quest:

This Second Life version of a Vision Quest is designed to spark your imagination and encourage you to “see” in new and thought provoking ways. Participants will have a choice between one of two Story Trails to pursue:

Story Trail #1: Told through the perceptions of a person who is blind.

Story Trail #2: Told from the eyes of a seeing eye dog named Max.

Each trail will have a specific set of clues to find and follow in order to tell your story. These clues will include everything from finding actual physical objects and interacting with them to doing a bit of online sleuthing in order make your story more authentic. No matter which story you choose, you must use MAX the seeing dog (free to all participants) to find the physical clues hidden on the sims. Other requirements for the story will be explained in the instructions.

2. Lifenaut are running competition to win a pair of Prober X-130 digital video recording glasses per month. To enter you’ll need to sign up for a Lifenaut account and within a one-month period, teach your avatar 1,000 lines of conversation, upload 100 files to your Lifenaut mindfile and compose 10 journal entries.

3. Need to transfer one of your Second Life builds to OpenSim? It won’t be long before you can do so.

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