Metaplace: worlds embedded

Raph Koster has announced the ability to embed a Metaplace world within a webpage. Significant? Indeed it is. One of the reasons video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo and have become ubiquitous has been their embed features. By offering the same portability, Metaplace has further established a firm foothold in the virtual world sphere.

At this stage you’ll still need a Metaplace login to view an embedded world but the plan is for that to eventually not be the case. A WordPress plugin already exists, which is how I’ve embedded a favourite world of mine:


A range of uses have already been identified (integration with Google Maps anyone?) and the virtual performance one in particular should gain some serious traction. Without wanting to sound like a slobbering fanboy, Metaplace to date haven’t put a foot wrong and it’s hard to see anything but some serious success ahead for the platform.

What do you think: does the ability to embed Metaplace on your site make it more likely you’ll use it?

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