Merged realities – events and issues for virtual worlds

sl-fun 1. The US Department of Defense continues its exploration of virtual worlds as a support mechanism for troops.

2. Tateru Nino has an excellent piece on the recently published anthropological study of Linden Lab by Thomas Malaby. Our copy arrived in the past few days and we’ll have more on it in the near future.

3. Twinity’s Virtual Singapore is launching on the 9th August:

Twinity extends a warm welcome to pioneering virtual Singapore residents from around the world. Prime retail and residential real estate is now available, so claiming your stake in virtual Singapore has never been easier. Explore the city, locate the perfect apartment, and make yourself at home.

Virtual Singapore is also open for business and the commercial opportunities are endless. Set up shop in a premium neighborhood or open a gallery, music venue, bar or restaurant. Show your allegiance to Singapore and welcome Twinizens from other parts of the virtual world to your home city.

4. Pooky Amsterdam has an interesting treatise on reasons to use Second Life as a media platform.

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