Merged realities – events and issues for virtual worlds

metaplace-musicquest 1. Metaplace are having a Halloween Party on the 31st October. All the details here.

2. If you’re a Mac user interested in signing up for the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) beta test, don’t bother. It won’t matter if you intend on running Windows on your Mac, BioWare aren’t interested in having you take part. While talking SWTOR, prolific SWTOR site Darth Hater asks the question: is SWTOR a paradigm shift for the MMO genre?

3. Tateru Nino reports on how Linden Lab have jumped heavily on a bunch of copyright infringers in Second Life.

4. OpenSim in a web page anyone?

5. The Metaverse Aid team have funded 17 entrepreneurs in developing countries so far via Why not join us?

6. Yours truly has written a piece for Crikey on the legal action against Linden Lab and its implications for virtual goods and intellectual property rights. On the same topic, The Alphaville Herald asks what will happen next with the legal action.

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