The history of Second Life

Over the past two months I’ve been pretty immersed in virtual worlds history in regards to health innovations (for this book), and it’s certainly been an illuminating experience. That said, this post from Tateru Nino over the weekend is the most illuminating piece of virtual worlds history I’ve read in a long time.

Coinciding with Second Life’s 7th birthday celebrations, the first part of the history covers 1999-2002 – do yourself a favour and have a read. There is of course further parts on the way and I’ll add them here as they are published. If you end up on a history binge, don’t forget the Virtual Worlds Timeline site either.

The full history of Second Life as seen by Tateru Nino:

Part 1: 1999-2004
Part 2: 2005-2007
Part 3: 2008-2010 and beyond

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