Facebook addiction: there is moderation

A little over a month ago, Ross Gardiner posted the video shown below, addressing his thoughts on Facebook. It’s well worth a watch if you’re a fairly heavy user of Facebook and wonder about whether it’s a good use of time. That said, the video does take the well-worn path of abstinence, which is overkill for the large majority who use Facebook a few times per week.

I’m endlessly amused at the black and white approach to anything like this: you’re either a heavy user or you don’t use at all. It’s a shame that approach misses out the huge majority that fall squarely in the middle. Anyway, if you worry about your level of Facebook time, have a watch of this:

Thanks to a Facebook friend, Anna, for the link.


  1. get a life says

    The majority of people “active” on facebook are addicted to the narcissic need it creates.
    Moderation rarely exist in these “lack of real life” social network.
    The only ones benefiting from these stupid platforms are Big Brother and the companies marketting departments…
    In a not too far future, privacy will be a luxe only the emotionally self sufficient people will be able to afford…

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