‘Pimp your virtual worlds site’ 2011

With the growth in virtual worlds, there’s been a parallel growth in people writing / podcasting / creating content about them. Whether its Second Life, Entropia, Blue Mars, OpenSim or anything in-between, we want to hear about it.

If you have a blog / podcast / machinima you’re mighty proud of, then post a link in the comments so everyone can check it out. It also gives me a great opportunity to add new sites to our links.

So pimp away!


  1. http://lokiboy.blogspot.com/ my box of stuff related to my second life where i and my gang of goonies explore and roleplay fun games. I do alot of machinima to document the adventures and also write about current projects and the changing face of Second Life.


  2. http://uwainsl.blogspot.com/ The blog for the University of Western Australia presence. A lot of coverage of art and machinima (UWA 3D Open Art & Machinima Challenges) with a sprinkling os Teaching, Architecture and Research activities as they occur

  3. Samadhi Quandry says:

    I just started a personal blog, I dunno if you all will find it interesting. My skills ain’t all that.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity! I blog about my work with students in OpenSim at this address:

  5. I write about content standards, legal considerations, and other research topics for the OpenSim and SecondLife platforms at http://www.shenlei.com; and my books on OpenSim and avatar apparel development may be found here: http://tinyurl.com/4bmpkbf

  6. Check out our aggregation of video at http://mbtv.live.nu – app also available.

  7. Erik Nauman’s blog (already commented by him on this post) is a worthy one with OpenSim being used in the classroom frequently and making a real difference =)

    good luck with your list!

  8. PookyMedia has some great content that uses Second Life as a media platform and more.
    Here is the films site with our award winning machinima :
    Here are the game shows I have been pioneering for a while now – Live Online virtual Entertainment which is sure to be the forerunner of audience participation in connected TV

    and here is my blog where I write about the soul of the virtual experience.
    Having a virtual identity has allowed for multi dimensions not just in reality but in development of interests, communication and much more for me.
    Thanks Lowell!

  9. Michael Blade says:

    Opensim, Science Fiction themed world as a tribute to Great Science Fiction Writers. Can be found at http://Viradu.com I also write a science fiction blog and am the first sci-fi blogger with his own virtual world! You can find my blog at http://webmac.com called “Transhuman Singularity”.

    Do lots of YouTube videos as well . . . on how to build your own virtual world and such.

    Pen name is Michael Blade 😉 Thanks.

  10. http://mamachinima.blogspot.com/ – a weekly blog about MachinimaMondays meetings in Second Life.

  11. Braddlaval says:

    http://www.BraddLaval.blogspot.com – Just having an adventure in virtual 3D

  12. I do a blog

  13. Whiskey Day says:

    I blog about InWorldz and real life at http://whiskeyshots.wordpress.com/

  14. Nomilly says:

    The only one virtual school based on real school building on Second Life is from Taiwan.
    All made by the team “Little purple fairy” of Associate professor “nomilly Valeska”.


    2011 3D Virtual Social Networking Platform—Taiwan City Promotion Contest

  15. “Travel & Tourism in Virtual Worlds” at Facebook:

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