Between Worlds: a Second Life machinima

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There’s not a lot to add to the great description provided by the creators:

“Between Worlds: A Journey of Hope” is a machinima produced by Panacea Luminos of NY HealthScape (USA) filmed and edited by Aliceinthenet (UK) and written by Skylar Smythe (Canada).  The inspirational piece is a story of cancer survival and accessing health information, supports and friendship in the virtual world of Second Life.   We invite you to visit: to view the film and encourage your feedback and comments.

There’s four parts, which you can see below:


  1. Skylar Smythe says

    Thank you very much for posting this.

    “Between Worlds: A Journey of Hope” was a collaborative project written by myself and contributed to by several Second Life residents and members of the NY HealthScape team. It was an honor to work with Panacea Luminos (Christina Galanis) Director of Souther Tier HealthLink, New York on this project.


    Skylar Smythe

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