Merged realities – events and issues for virtual worlds

Playing a little catch-up after a hectic few weeks. Here’s some highlights from around the industry over that time:

1. Following up from her February interview with Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble, Tateru Nino has a great chat with Mr Humble on Second Life’s usability.

2. We’ve written extensively on the University of Western Australia’s dynamic presence in Second Life. Here’s why the person who has driven most of that momentum thinks it’s one of the most important things he has done.

3, Daden UK have developed a virtual world finder aimed at businesses navigating the confusing array of platforms on offer.

4. Australian virtual world for kids, eKidna, keeps plugging away growing its market share if the regular promotions are anything to go by. Have a look at their work if you haven’t already.

5. Terra Nova asks: why aren’t there more sex games / virtual worlds for kids and teens?

6. Duran Duran are up and away in Second Life. Check it out for yourself here. I spent 30 mins or so wandering around the island and it’s a well fleshed out build, lots of fun. More pics below:


  1. Stefan Schutt says

    The story of the Twinkle’s Journey machinima (the UWA blog post) is remarkable and, for me at least, a timely reminder to listen out for the sounds of our common humanity amongst the incessant barrage of data that surround our lives. Thanks for linking to it.

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