Paisley Beebe calls it quits

Virtual worlds TV host Paisley Beebe has announced the cessation of her long-running show Tonight Live. Citing the need to devote more time to her newly established physical world business and family, Beebe won’t be making any further shows. I asked her why:

Oh I hate farewells, I’m no good at them…I always stuff it up. Happy to just transition quietly 🙂 sort of…

It’s a shame to see new mediums like this disappear, and it also emphasises how they’re still a long way off being a financially viable option if you’re needing actual income. Have a read of Paisley’s farewell here. For some reminiscing, you can view my 2008 interview here or a 2011 one I wrote for ABC Technology here.


  1. Thanks David I appreciate your support over the years, its not the last you will be hearing from me, but maybe not as Paisley 🙂 

  2. Scott Grant says

    Hi David and Paisley,

    Firstly allow me to congratulate Paisely on all the amazing work she has done in Second Life over the years. She brought a real spark of life to the virtual world and through her shows was a window to a lot of other interesting and amazingly creative people doing great things in both SL and RL.

    Secondly like many others I am sure, I would like to wish Paisley (Leonie) all the best with her new ventures. Hopefully as she says in her earlier posting on this site, it won’t be the last we will hear from her.

    It’s sad to lose someone so talented to Second Life, especially someone so ‘real’ as Paisley (Leonie). Our virtual world will literally be diminished by the departure of Paisley and her show. Indeed, one has to continue to wonder what is the future of this amazing world of ours when another truly talented and committed person leaves for new horizons. I for one hope it continues to thrive and grow, but it’s times like these that doubt rears it’s ugly head in a way that can’t be ignored.

    Best of luck with everything you do Leonie. Thank you for everything you have done!

  3. Back in the day Sunday nights would find me in the studio audience of Paisley’s show. We were a fun crowd who maybe half listened to the show. The other half of the time we were running our own show! I’ll fondly remember the days of Me, Crap, Razzap, Menubar and a whole cast of others cutting up and trying to outdo each other with silly antics.

  4. Paisley, you have always been a standard bearer and a pioneer.  I have appreciated so much what you have done for virtual entertainment and know you will be missed.  Personally I thank you for being an inspiration to me as well as to so many others.  Please say you will return on occasion at least to sing! You really have an amazing voice, and we certainly hope to hear you again, in any form you wish it to be heard in.
    All the greatest good luck on the other side of the screen. What you have done on this side is truly remarkable and noteworthy.
    Thank you again – may the wind be at your sails!

  5. Loved watching the show. Sad that its over in SL 🙁


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