RadioOZ is a 24-hour radio streaming service with a focus on Dance, Trance, House, Techno and Drum N Bass. Nightly fireworks displays are held to coincide with live DJ’ing.

CEO Pomfus Diller is from Adelaide and has a licence to broadcast.

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Beach party!

In the words of owner Shai Khalifa (from the ACT):

“5 O’Clock Somewhere is a beach and we love to see anyone there who wants to chill out and have a cruisy time. Great for chilling and catching up on the dreaded IMs, low lag beach that comes alive at the drop of a hat with instant parties for no other reason than we can.

There’s a back-beach lagoon to laze in, a cave pool to have a swim or rendesvous in, shops (well 1 at the moment – looking for vendors at the moment) and hidden cuddle spots.

Offshore on the islands is a great Surf beach with Heather Goodliff waves and boards for sale – and a nude beach island – and a great waterfall off a volcano – with a grotto beneath.

And under the volcano is SL’s only underwater club – the Downunder dance and watch the fish swim on the reef and wreck beneath the floor.

So there’s lots to do. You can search on 5 O’Clock and find us.”

Orion’s business

Orion Keynes is Sydney based and runs a design business in-world. He’s also a SLOz reader 😉

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