Come inside – it’s Prim School

As mentioned by Abi Goldflake on the SLOz forums, on May 16th ABC Island will host a Prim School at the ABC Sandbox.


Hosted by Gizzy Electricteeth (who’ll be profiled on SLOz next week), it’s a free building school and it kicks off at 9pm AEST (4am SL time).

ABC Island – meteor strike

The Unearthed Club on ABC Island had a slight facelift over the weekend. The unconfirmed report is that in the process of returning objects from the ABC Sandbox, the previous upper structure of the Unearthed club ended up a crater. If this was indeed the case then a great patch-up job has been done:


The interior of the club has the meteor theme going, so even if the renovation was unintentionally instigated, its added something new. A thanks to Aussie SL resident Skribe Forti for giving us the heads-up on the meteor.

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