Cisco’s Second Life launch for network processor

If you’re one of those people who get excited by networking hardware, then you may be interested in Cisco’s upcoming launch in Second Life of its latest network processor, Quantum.


Cisco are not surprisingly being coy about the technical details of the processor prior to the launch – suffice it to say the in-world build has a walk-through area that contains the word exabyte.


The event is being held on the 4th March at 10am PST (5th March, 5am AEDT) with musical acts and the launch itself. I’d love to hear from any Australians excited enough to attend at that time…

Check it out in-world.

Cisco’s virtual hospital opens

Health and education are two of the standout wins demonstrated in Second Life. The latest health-related build is sponsored by Cisco and it’s a mighty impressive result. As a health professional myself I can see that immersive medical training could bring enormous benefits.


I did have some difficulties getting some of the medical equipment to work with my avatar and there’s also a lot of video content so lag can be a big issue during busy periods. Overall though it’s obvious that significant corporate sponsorhip can bring about very intricate builds in Second Life that benefit the medical community.


Check it out in-world

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