Toxic Garden

I’d still argue that the Greenies Build by Rezzable is the most impressive SL presence I’ve seen. I’d read about some other Rezzable builds like The Cannery (SL Artwork from a number of artists) but hadn’t checked any out. When I TP’d to The Cannery I went to the Map View and noticed the enourmous array of sims that Rezzable own.

One that caught my eye was Toxic Garden. It’s very different to the Greenies build but contains its own fascinations. I won’t wreck the spontaneity of exploring Toxic Garden by giving too much away, but do ensure you pick up the anti-toxin armband at the entrance.


Toxic Garden is in beta and there are opportunities to give feedback to Rezzable.

Check it out in-world

Greenies are good enough

The Greenies House is one of those builds that comes from nowhere and just astounds you with its originality, attention to detail and pure whimsy. We don’t want to take too much away from experiencing it yourself, but the pictures say it all:





Builds like this define the opportunities virtual worlds provide. Thanks to SL Insider for the heads-up

Check it out in-world

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