Merged realities – events and issues for virtual worlds

grecian_theatre 1. For those who like theatre, rehearsals are under way for Hypatia of Alexandria. Written in sonnet form, it’s a collaborative project for performance in Second Life:

It will play to inhabitants of upwards of forty countries around the world. The lead role is in Australia, the writer and director in Canada, the producer in the UK and the cast from the USA and other countries! Oh, and it will play in a huge purpose built Greek theatre in the sky. Not exactly what you would call a typical play, I suppose.

2. Second Life Documentary, Second Skin, is starting to see some wider distribution.

3. Linden Lab is apparently worth around $700 million and is projected to bring in around $100 million in revenue. Not a bad little business if anyone’s interested.

4. Dear Apple – give us augmented reality on the iPhone.

5. For those who like jumping between independent grids, here’s how to do it.

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