Zindra: Second Life’s adult continent

As announced on the Linden Lab blog, Second Life residents now have access to the new adult-only continent called Zindra, for the next two weeks. There’s already a bunch of Linden-created content up and running, although not surprisingly there are dozens of empty buildings this early on in the piece. I’m a sucker for pretty and Zindra is indeed pretty in places. The real fun begins as the adult-content is migrated from the current mainland. The process for doing that will likely be fraught with challenges but now’s your chance to look at where you may like to be relocated to.

To view Zindra you’ll need to download the 1.23 Second Life Viewer update and have age-verified your Second Life account.

Below are some pics I took while exploring Zindra, enjoy:


Plenty of open space at present


No shortage of green space


One of three hydro-electric dams


Waiting to access Kama City


Land anyone?

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