“CyberStars” shoot commences

CyberStars is the upcoming Second Life documentary by December Films for SBS. Shelley Matulick is the driving force behind the project and we’ve covered her blog previously as it provides some great tips on making your own machinima.

Shooting has started on CyberStars so here’s hoping for some local documentary goodness before the end of the year.

SBS: enter the machinima

The island touted for SBS may have been shelved, but they are still steaming ahead with their work within Second Life.

A blog has launched on the SBS site with the focus being on helping people to make their own machinima. Documentary-maker Shelley Matulick (SL: Mixin Pixel) is behind the blog and will provide weekly tips.

It’s certainly a hands-on approach for SBS and if the blog delivers on what it’s promising, it’ll be a useful Australian resource on machinima.

SBS Island in Second Life shelved

For the past six months there’s been fairly regular rumours around SBS and a potential presence in Second Life. It appears there’s nothing imminent if the following message from Australian Second Life resident Wolfie Rankin is any indication.

“For the last month or so, Mixin Pixel and I have been trying to get SBS into Second Life… Unfortunately it didn’t work out and the Island has been put on hold.

But this has happened a few times and I’m not really worried. I get the feeling they are at least a little interested in the idea, so perhaps if everyone wrote to SBS and told them that they’d be welcome in Second Life, well… you never know.

Maybe we should get Inspector Rex involved, he always gets his man. :)”

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