Call for writers

Back in November we published our reader survey results and one of the strong requests was to expand the number of writers we have. So as promised we’re heeding that call. Read on if you’re interested in contributing!

You do not need to be based in Australia to express interest in any of the options. I won’t be bringing on all the combinations below, will see what works out once people start making contact.

Option 1: Paid regular writer

This is for the person with a demonstrated writing record. If you’re able to produce a 600-1000 word post per week, then this is for you. Your brief is likely to be broad i.e. across a range of topics / virtual worlds although am happy to discuss a dedicated beat for OpenSim grids, Blue Mars, social worlds or specialities like education, business and science if that’s your thing. Payment would be monthly for stories published the previous month. US$20 per post is on offer, which isn’t great but is above the blog average.

Option 2: Paid casual writer

As per Option 1 but with you pitching story ideas on a less than weekly basis when you have time. The ball would be in your court. Paying the same but on understanding that I won’t be accepting all pitches and may not have the funds to commission even all the good ideas.

Option 3: Guest poster

This is for the person who may not have written for publication before. You pick a topic you want to write about and I help you get the first story done. No payment for guest posts, but if it goes well, then Option 1 or 2 may come your way. You can definitely link to your own site or provide a short bio etc. I’m particularly interested in guest posts from researchers, virtual worlds developers or others involved in the industry that want a wider platform to put their views.


For all these options, use the contact form to express interest or DM me on Twitter. In that initial communication just provide a paragraph or two on what you’d like to do, a little bit about yourself and any previous writing experience. I will reply to all expressions of interest and those with potential will be asked to provide writing samples where applicable.

Introducing: Feldspar Epstein

Over the past eighteen months or so The Metaverse Journal has grown slowly but surely – our readership has grown every single month since our launch in late 2006. We have two intermittent contributors in addition to myself but the time’s come to expand the number of writers. Therefore, I’m extremely pleased to introduce Anastasia Vesperman (SL: Feldspar Epstein).

Anastasia is based in Melbourne and has been involved with virtual worlds for more than ten years. Her brief is wide: to bring one story weekly on anything inspiring or interesting happening in Second Life or other virtual world.

I’ll let Anastasia introduce herself further but suffice it to say I’m thrilled to have her on board. Please make her feel welcome 😉

Jobs board redux

Last month we introduced our jobs board. Since then we’ve had feedback that it was too USA-centric so we’ve switched to another provider.

The best news about this is that posting jobs is free at this stage. We may introduce a small fee in the future but at this stage the most important thing is getting a central place where virtual worlds jobs can be advertised.

To post a job:

1. Click on the ‘Job Board’ link at the top right of this site.
2. Click on ‘Post a Job’
3. Enter all the required details – you can even add your organisation’s logo if you want.
4. Click on ‘Checkout’ – because I’ve set it up as a free service at this stage, your ad will automatically appear for nothing after being cleared.

Any job related to virtual worlds is welcome – whether it be an in-world bartender or consulting project to government, feel free to advertise it.

Reader poll is live

We’ve created a poll widget on The Metaverse Journal website – it’s just below our machinima of the week section.

We’re after your thoughts on what you’d like to see more of on TMJ. We’re particularly testing the idea of whether there’s interest in a TMJ podcast. If you could take the time to vote it’d be appreciated.

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