Suicide prevention, stories and Second Life

Suicide remains one of the issues that pretty much everyone feels queasy discussing. For the survivors of suicide, there’s not choice to discuss it and it’s one of two reasons a presence in Second Life has been created.


Located in Haetae, the purpose is is expression and support. There are two floors, Life and Death. Death is an art exhibition depicting the feelings of those considering suicide. The Life section contains some notecards on related area to assist people considering suicide and those that love them.


It’s a confronting exhibit, which is as it should be. It’s not an easy issue in any sense, which makes it all the more important to discuss and raise awareness around. It’d be easy to say there’s nothing in this exhibit that can’t be found in a much more comprehensive form. That would miss the point: every channel of communication that can make a difference is worthwhile, and I’d have some faith that the efforts here will certainly do that.

If you need more information on the project contact Krissy Sinclair in-world.

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