V2: Synner Prinz and Bill Hayabusa

As promised a few weeks back, we’re pleased to start a new feature called V2 (virtual two), where two avatars describe their relationship in their own words. The inaugural edition features Australia-based Synner Prinz and US-based Bill Hayabusa:

Synner Prinz

It’s with pleasure I share my journey thru Secondlife with my love….

I’d only been on Second Life a few weeks when I was walking along a jetty and saw this guy swimming around. ‘Wow’, I thought to myself, ‘that is so cool, you can even swim here’. And with that, I jumped in…. ‘hmmmmm, why am I sinking to the bottom of the sea’ I ask myself as I turn a bright shade of red! I make it back to the jetty after much splashing and near drowning and am relieved my silly newbie antics haven’t scared him off….That was the day the most awesome journey began for my love Bill Hayabusa and me, Synner Prinz.

I don’t recall when I lost my heart to him… was it when he took me horse riding on the beach and I held onto him so tightly? Was it when he took me surfing and we splashed, played and laughed together? Was it when he danced with me under the stars and made my heart race and body tingle all over? Or was it the day when the sun was setting and he held me in his arms on ‘Soul’ declaring his love and giving me his heart?

I really don’t know, but what I do know is that through our amazing adventure on Second Life we have been able to share the joys and experiences together such as horse riding, surfing, dancing, motor bike riding, skiing, ballooning, parachuting, ice skating, moutain bike riding, shopping, roller skating, dining, boating, diving, flying, travelled on a spaceship, roleplaying in a 1800’s mid western sim where we married by common law. We’ve lived in a cabin, a castle and now a mansion…. how do you top off a year like that? You renew your wedding vows!!!.

What are we doing now? Basking in love and living as a family with our two dogs in our house with the white picket fence awaiting the arrival of our twins…. nice huh 🙂 You really can live your dreams here and I never want this fairytale to end!

Bill Hayabusa

Heard about Second Life on CNN so came to do some research on social engineering for a small educational company. The idea was to motivate and guide students to excel in public speaking. The potential to improve peoples’ lives is impressive. What I found came as a total surprise. I found that if you allow yourself to become your avatar, you could live vicariously, the life you always wanted. This in turn produces a feeling of accomplishment and happiness never experienced before.

Found love… I was exploring all that can be done in SL, like swimming. The animation and control was impressing me when there she was… A vision of the woman I always wanted for a wife… to spend all my days and nights with. From the moment I saw her (knowing “this is a game… not real”) I fell deeply in love with my dream. Then after a few words, I knew what I wanted… I wanted it to be as real as real can be. I realized it’s the experience that matters most, and wanted to experience this new feeling of love, that I never was able to experience in real life.

Got married…I was role playing a US Marshal in 1897 Tombstone Arizona. I asked Synner to be my common law wife and she accepted. My heart sang and I felt young and full of life. Something I hadn’t felt in years. I thought those feelings I’d remember fondly, but never experience again.
Created a family….. One year later we got married/partnered with a complete wedding at our home we built and friends we had acquired in SL. Then we got the great news of us having twins.
From meeting each other, falling in love, exploring all that SL has to offer, building our dream home, getting married, from conception to the birth of our babies. It’s been a most fantastic experience and now I know beyond a doubt, anything is possible. Like finding your soul mate (grinning/w dimples).

Are you part of a couple? Contribute to ‘V2’

Some of the most read articles on The Metaverse Journal are our regular features: Weekend Whimsy, The Watch and our semi-regular Interviews.

We’re about to launch another one : V2 (short for Virtual Two). It’s a chance for two people to write about their views of the other person. Here’s a real-life example, but I have no doubt there’s much more interesting stories going on in virtual lives. Second Life is the obvious source, but if your friendship / relationship is happening in Habbo, Kaneva or World of Warcraft, we’re definitely interested in hearing from you as well. If this sounds like your thing, contact us and we’ll respond within 24 hours with some guidance in putting your story together. We currently have one couple working on their story and hope to publish it in the next week or so.

As always, your thoughts on this new feature (or anything else) is always appreciated.

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