Who hasn’t played chess on a rollercoaster?

Well, to be honest I haven’t, for two reasons. First, I’m a crap chess player. Second, I get motion sickness on a merry-go-round, so a rollercoaster is an open invitation to three days of my head in an ice-cream container. However, most people enjoy said rollercoasters, and there’s even a very dedicated cohort who enjoy having their picture snapped playing chess at the same time. Have a look for yourself right here.

It’s now inspired me to create my own meme. Send in a photo of yourself dressed as a Star Wars character while playing the Nintendo Wii on a bus, and you’ll get a lifetime Pro Subscription* to this site. I can already hear doors slamming as people run to the bus stop.

* A Pro Subscription consists of free access to this site 24/7, including the page your photo will be displayed on that everyone’s laughing at. Conditions apply.

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