Ten great music mashups on Youtube

All top ten lists are arbitrary, but here’s another one anyway. Mashups are a very creative process, especially so when they result in a quality outcome. Below are ten of what I think are the best mashups to be found on Youtube. Please add your own favourites in the comments, otherwise enjoy:

1. Royals (Lorde) Vs Roar (Katy Perry)

2. Adele Vs Eurythmics – ‘Rolling In Sweet Dreams’

3. Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr) versus Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

4. Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees) versus Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)

5. The Final Countdown (Europe) versus Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

6. We Will Rock You (Queen) versus Hey Ya (Outkast)

7. Song 2 (Blur) versus Daddy Cool (Boney M)

8. No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley) versus Let It Be (The Beatles)

9. I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry) versus Mr Vain (Culture Beat)

10. Blue Monday (New Order) versus Hung Up (Madonna)

HIV / AIDS and YouTube: a great mix

It’s difficult to write anything on the video you’re about to see. Just watch it and be touched / amazed / inspired / angry.

Hard to argue with anything in that isn’t there?

[via ScienceRoll]

Mashups: some of the best

One of the reasons I keep going back to YouTube is to see great mashups. As a musician / tech-head myself, I know how much work must go into each mashup on the audio side, let alone when you add video to the equation.

Tom Compagnoni has been creating mashups since 2003 and it shows. This year he’s released three gems, which you can see below. Mashups are an artform that excels when it is both seamless and striking in the contrast of songs, and Tom’s work on the three below, achieves those aims with flying colours. If you’re interested in how he does what he does, you can find out more here.

Here they are in no particular order (I’ve got to admit Thunder Busters is my favourite):

1. Whole Lotta Sabbath (Led Zeppelin vs Black Sabbath Mashup)

2. Thunder Busters (AC/DC vs Ghostbusters Mashup)

3. PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Björk & Massive Attack Mashup

Would love to hear your favourite mashups – post away in the comments! No Rickrolling or Trololololing please 😉

Darth Vader: Social Media star

Over the past few years, one of the popular culture icons that keep popping up over and over is Darth Vader. YouTube is a particular Vader domain, with some very fine humour to be found.

For me, Chad Vader is the pinnacle. I initially came across these videos in 2006 and they remain very popular:

There’s actually eight Chad Vader episodes and the creators have quite a business going selling DVDs and t-shirts.

Then there’s Darth Vader – Thriller style:

The blurring between internet and TV continues

YouTube on your Sony TV anyone?

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