Online collaboration

We offer the following services: consultancy, blog installations and web design.

1. Consultancy

We have an established track record in providing consultancy services to government, business and individuals on a range of technology issues.

Some de-identified examples:

a. Provision of a research paper on the potential of social media for business: this project was completed over a period of eight weeks for a peak business body wanting to provide research to its members on the growing popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The finished product was provided in print form in addition to a secure online download facility.

b. An onsite IT infrastructure consultancy: this was provided to a private school in Sydney looking for advice on an integrated Macintosh-based music lab with the wider school’s IT infrastructure. An options paper was provided to the school with recommendations on vendors and project management options.

c. Online strategy formulation: a non-profit organisation representing a cohort of health professionals needed advice on expanding their online activities beyond a static website. Two consultation sessions were held with the group to determine requirements and a project proposal put forward. This was accepted, with Creative Shed contracted the roll out the strategy.

2. Blog installations

You can read more on our broader web design services below, but our most frequent request is set-up of blogs for organisations and individuals. We’re more than happy to do this for individuals who find the free options too limiting but don’t have the time or technical know-how to set up their own. If you already have your own web hosting expect to pay as little as $200 for an installation including configuration. All you have to do is supply the words. We use WordPress for our installations, which is the most widely used blog platform. If you want to try it yourself, buy WordPress for Dummies.

3. Web design services

Since our establishment in 1996, we’ve demonstrated our ability to deliver outcomes on time and on budget for individuals, businesses and government. In 2006 we made the decision to take the next step beyond word-of-mouth referrals to the wider world. We’re a new starter with 13 years experience!

We’re passionate about what we do and it shows in our approach and our results. We treat every project as a valuable and important one, no matter the size or scope. We apply solid project management principles without compromising creativity. We like to think of ourselves as being creatively disciplined.

So why use us for web design?

There’s no doubt there are literally hundreds of web designers out there. Some can probably create websites faster and slicker than we do. Our difference is in approach – we aren’t big enough to take on more than one project at a time – we are literally working for you and you only. And that’s also reflected in our pricing – if you want something done really quickly for a tight deadline, we’ll deliver but expect to pay a little more. If things are more flexible and we have a couple of weeks to create your site, then expect the same quality but at a lower price. Remember, we do this because we love doing it – we’re not going to get rich but we sure as hell intend on pleasing you and having fun at the same time.

What won’t we do?

We place a lot of emphasis of being ethical in our business and personal dealings. If you’re wanting us to assist you in creating a site that might push ethical boundaries (think pyramid selling schemes, anything defamatory), then maybe we’re not for you.

What we actually do

We specialise in simple but striking websites that showcase your product or service. Whether it be a structural engineering consultancy, private swimming complex or gourmet food shop, a web presence can enhance your brand and attract new custom.

We can supply a simple brochure site that showcases your business through to online ordering facilities and customer interaction solutions.

What does a website cost?

There’s no one answer. If you want a simple brochure site, you will usually pay under $500. If you want a full online commerce site with secure shopping facilities, you may be looking at a few thousand dollars. We always finalise pricing before commencement of work – you will never receive any surprises with what you are paying. With the advent of Google it’s not hard to compare pricing: if in doubt, check it out.

Do you create Flash-based sites?

Yes, though it’s really not the best solution in a lot of cases. We can also create blog sites, discussion forums and e-commerce options.

Do you provide Domain Registration and Web Hosting?

Yes – you need somewhere for your website to sit on the internet. You also need a domain name (e.g. ours is We can supply both if you like. A domain name can be as low as $30 per year and basic web hosting around $130 per year. You may not need to pay for web hosting if you have an active internet account – most internet providers offer free basic web hosting with their accounts. We can advise on the best option at time of creating your site.

Website add-ons

We have extensive experience in setting up open-source solutions such as phpBB discussion forum software, osCommerce online shopping software and WordPress blogging software (as discussed above). All these solutions are free in themselves but require some knowledge to set-up as well as specific web hosting requirements – that’s where we can help. Contact us for pricing.

Logo design

If your business doesn’t currently have a logo or needs a new one, we can organise a new one for you – we have a trusted graphic designer we use for such work. We are also happy to refer to a number of designers we know or to work with a designer of your choice. Expect to pay between $500 and $1200 for a logo depending on a range of factors.

Examples of our work

Below are a couple of examples of sites we’ve developed. Sample work, however, can impose limits on imagination. With every site we try to do something different – because we only do one project at a time, we have a vested interest in variety. It keeps us interested and you happy. A lot of our website work is done for people who prefer not to have publicity, so the three below are just a snapshot.

1. Poetry Resource

This is a not-for-profit site aimed at students and teachers – it utilises a Content Management System (CMS) which allows a very large amount of data to be easily categorised.

2. Drug and Alcohol Nurses Australasia

This site was revamped during 2007 with an upgrade to a Content Management System (CMS). The logo was designed by 101 Design with the rest of the site inspired by that. The CMS format allows members of DANA to submit their own content from any web browser.

3. The Metaverse Journal

This site was developed by us in late 2007 in partnership with a WordPress theme developer and we’re very proud of it.

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