Virtual Worlds

Since 2006 we’ve been closely watching the growth in virtual worlds across all age groups, as evidenced by our site The Metaverse Journal. Over that time we’ve provided a range of consultancy services to business, NGOs and government on the opportunities and challenges of virtual worlds.


We operate at a strategic advice level: we are not virtual worlds developers – there are some excellent Australian and international ventures who do just that and we can point you to them as part of our consultancy.

Some examples of work undertaken to date:

1. Formulation of an options paper for an Australian medium-sized business on entering the virtual worlds sphere.

2. Project management of a Second Life machinima shoot for an international movie release. Included initial briefing of production team, facilitation of intellectual property clearances, coordination of avatar actors / extras and liaison with content creators (in this case a US-based outfit). You can view more information on that project here.

3. Script development advice to an Australian movie project in early pre-production.

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